Our Process


Recent surveys of affluent Americans consistently tell us their major frustration is their advisors should be more proactive about future issues that might affect their financial well-being. We address those concerns in the logical, proactive approach we take with all our clients.



Historically, you may have purchased financial or insurance products and found out how they affected your tax and investment planning later. We feel the correct course of action is to learn the right questions to ask before you buy any financial product or plan for your future.


If there was a missing piece of information that was costing you money now or that would cause a significant problem or cost in your future, when would you want to find out about it? Today? Five or 10 years from now? Never? If that piece of information was a must know fact, would you agree you would want to know about it before making any financial decision, especially one that put your money at risk?


That’s what makes our firm different! We believe in identifying all the facts necessary to make a sound financial decision that is in your best interest before making that decision.


Many times investors don’t have a process to filter out myths and misconceptions to find out the must know, critical facts to make logical decisions for their future. Do you know what questions to ask? Have you quantified hidden fees, taxes or risk issues? Have you made decisions based on myths, misconceptions, opinions or missing facts?


If you find out there are flaws or missing information in your decision-making process you will quickly realize where money is falling through the cracks in your current planning, thus helping you make more informed financial decisions.


Each investment product has a specific purpose where it may fit properly into someone’s retirement planning, but without a complete review of your personal situation, risk tolerance, income needs, tax situation, long-term care needs, and estate and charitable desires, no one should have an opinion on whether a specific product is right for you. The discovery of your true needs and desires is the first step you should take, not the choice of investment products that historically many people have made as their first step.


Our 3 Step Review helps you discover if your current strategies match up with your future plans. This proven process helps us create a sound plan based on facts and logic not emotion and opinions.


  1. The first step is a look forward review of your tax return to determine your current tax situation. We identify things like phantom income taxation, uncover incorrect uses of taxable and tax-deferral strategies, and discover missed opportunities for offsetting gains and losses. Our 3 Step Review helps you implement the correct strategy to lower or eliminate your taxes and find money falling through the cracks now and in your future.
  2. The second step is an income analysis to determine if you are using your income sources properly and in the most tax efficient method. With the ever-increasing cost of inflation, we find out if you have adequate income and liquidity to meet your future needs. Your actual inflation rate may be different from the government quoted inflation rate as your rate is based on what you specifically spend money on.
  3. The third step is a risk analysis to make sure your investment risk exposure is one you are comfortable with and is in line with your investment allocation strategies. Research shows people make poor decisions, receive low rates or incur losses because they have more risk than they are comfortable with. A simple set of questions will help assure your true risk comfort level and help you avoid losses you are not prepared to handle or were not aware of.


Look forward and take control with a 3 Step Review. Find out if you have problems like phantom income taxation or other tax issues. Are you preparing to sell real estate? Do you need to increase your income stream or lower your risk level? Have you lost a spouse and now have all the financial decisions to make? Are you retiring or rolling over a large sum of money? A complete discovery of what you want your money to do for you is the most important first step.



The wonderful benefit of our 3 Step Review is that it applies to any financial decision or concern you have, it helps you stop your money from falling through the cracks, and it assures that any major financial decision is right for you. Learn what questions to ask before making any financial decision and assure your decisions are in your best interest.


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DuPont Wealth Management does not provide tax and/or legal advice, but will work with your attorney or independent tax or legal advisor. In the event that you do not have your own attorney or tax professional we will partner with local CPA firms to provide tax services.