Investment Management


At DuPont Wealth Management, we believe no two investors are alike. In order to help each client meet their financial goals, we use a personalized approach to investing. Our advice and recommendations are tailored to our clients’ investment goals, desired return objectives, risk tolerance, time horizon, and income needs. Our investment strategies are designed based on your investment goals.


We believe we’re facing a dramatic change in America. This change will likely affect your future tax issues, healthcare issues, and risk exposure. Nobody thought the economy, Wall Street, and the housing market could falter as they have and understanding your risk exposure will be more important than ever.


  • The country’s healthcare system could be totally different and learning what options you will have for medical care and long term care and how you will be paying for it will be crucial.
  • Your taxes may be going up significantly in the near future. Proactive tax planning will allow you to enjoy a more tax efficient lifestyle and avoid unnecessary or unplanned for taxes in your estate plan.


We feel that the class struggle will not be between the rich and the poor, but between the informed and the uninformed. I envision the informed retiree will survive and perhaps thrive in the new economy. Whereas the uninformed may be burdened with higher taxes, expensive healthcare options and risks that may devastate them.


In our opinion, this potentially dramatic change in our country makes it of paramount importance for you to go through our no obligation 3 Step Review. It is more important than ever to discover what issues you may not be addressing that could cost you or your heirs significantly in the future. It is our goal at DuPont Wealth Management to make sure clients are on the informed side of things. Call 800.234.4452 today to ensure you are doing the planning now to avoid being on the uninformed side.


Did you lose money in the last two bear markets?

Two questions can help you establish your risk comfort level:

1. How would your lifestyle change if you had a 30 to 50% gain in your investment portfolio?

Some people respond that they might spend or travel a little more or just feel more secure.

Nothing will dramatically change.

2. How would your lifestyle change if you had a 30 to 50% loss in your investment portfolio?

Some people respond that they would be devastated or have to move to a smaller home or drop a club membership or some other dramatic change.

The loss has a dramatic change in their mindset and lifestyle.

This is why we find the primary reason why Affluent Americans are far more concerned with protecting what they accumulated rather than chasing a risky possible high rate of return.

Are you prepared or comfortable with the possibility of another major market sell off?

Has your current advisor discussed your risk comfort level recently?



Strategic Alliances

Integrating investments with tactical low to moderate risk portfolios.

DuPont Wealth Management offers professional money management through various third-party money managers. At DuPont Wealth Management, we believe in providing our clients with safe and secure investments and low risk and low volatility portfolio management. Through our unique Retirement Designed Money Management System, we look after our clients by providing them with safe and secure investments low risk and low volatility portfolios to protect what they¹ve worked so hard to build. We help retirees secure a better retirement through our fee-based asset management, always ensuring their individual needs remain our top concern. We have access to a platform of exceptional Private Wealth Managers unavailable to many smaller independent advisors and large brokerage firms.

Low risk low volatility money management system. Whether you are a pre-retiree, retiree or conservative investor, we want you to have a better financial future. We want you to have financial success for the next 25 years and not go backwards over time, by building a more secure portfolio. Horter Investment Management is a Cincinnati based company with over 230 advisors nationwide and 730 million of assets under management.