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  • How to maximize your Social Security benefits.
  • How to plan for the rising cost of health care in retirement.
  • How to create an income stream you can’t live without.
  • The truth about how large your nest egg should be and how long it might last.
  • How inflation can negatively impact your retirement plan.
  • How to plan for longevity in retirement that could last 30 years or longer.
  • How to leave an inheritance to your heirs in the most tax efficient way.



Retirement Readiness



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When part of your financial strategy is out of tune, your long-term goals, your retirement savings and your legacy all suffer. Each week on the Financially Tuned radio show we will explore the day-to-day financial topics that affect many Americans.

Host Terry DuPont will get you the information you need to bring your financial plan into perfect tune!

We are a full service, retirement planning company
providing retirement and legacy planning to families nearing or already enjoying retirement. We build relationships, financial solutions and security through honesty, integrity and service.


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Social Security Maximization

Social Security is an important topic for nearly everybody. Unfortunately, there is a significant amount of incorrect information circulating. Watch this video to see how you can maximize your Social Security benefits. Request your complimentary Social Security Maximization Report.

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DuPont Wealth Management and Terry DuPont are not affiliated with or endorsed by the Social Security Administration or any government agency.  This content is for informational purposes only and should not be used to make any financial decisions.


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